About Us

In order to create a legendary brand for the LARP community, Dracolite, a company of medieval-inspired creations delivering to a clientele all around the globe, partnered with Calimacil, a world-class supplier of foam weapons. Thus was born Mythic Workshop, a series of collections of weapons, armor and accessories that redefine the affordable high-end.

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All leather products of Mythic Workshop are imagined, developed and manufactured by our craftsmen directly in our workshops.


Several sketches are first made by our artists to set the bases that will be used to design our future models.


The patterns are then developed by our designers from the sketches to arrive at a final prototype ready to be manufactured.


When the design stage is over, our team of craftsmen take over the production. All the steps are carried out in our workshops and those of our collaborators.


Whether for an armor or a leather accessory, Mythic Workshop offers a custom-made service tailored to your needs and your budget.

Our Weapons

Mythic weapons are the result of a fruitful collaboration between Calimacil, Larping’s weapons company, and Dracolite, artisan and trader in the medieval world. The designers of Dracolite worked hard to imagine and design weapons with striking details and practical proportions; In return, the Calimacil team offered its expertise in the molding and production of resistant and realistic weapons.

Mythic weapons are made from Calimacil foam, an “expanded polymer foam developed in Quebec in collaboration with a team of chemists, engineers and professional molders. This foam gives Calimacil weapons a high endurance in combat by its unrivaled tear strength, resistance to perforation and crushing due to repeated blows in battle.”