Custom Leather Project

Custom Leather Project

Whether for an armor or a leather accessory, Dracolite and its craftsmen offer a tailor-made service adapted to your needs. No project is the same but everyone starts in the same way. Here is an overview of the progress of a project:

Step 1


Make an appointment with us in store or send us a summary of your project through our form. Following the analysis of your project our craftsmen will be happy to guide you through the creative process according to your budget and your expectations. If necessary, sketches will be presented to you, an estimate of the price can be calculated and a delivery date of the project will be established. There is no charge for meeting or analyzing the project *.

Step 2


Once all the details are set, the production of the project can begin *. All leather projects are made by our craftsmen directly in our workshops. For complex projects, our team may contact you to ensure a superior product that meets your expectations. The stages of production can be:

  • Patronage and prototyping
  • Tracing, cutting according to the pattern
  • Molding and embossing leather
  • Coloring and varnishing of the leather
  • Assembly and finishing

Step 3


Once the manufacturing process is complete, we will contact you to give you your creation. You can pick up your project in store but a delivery service is also possible*.

To send us your measurements, fill out this form.


* A deposit of 50% is required before starting the production stage;
* Production will start as soon as possible according to the agreed date;
* Production times do not depend on the size of your project but rather on the list of our In Progress projects;
* Delivery charges may apply.

Contact us for more information.

Levels of Details

The level of detail of a project refers to the materials and manufacturing processes used in the making of your articles.


Simple accessories of good quality, perfect to start your adventure!


  • Chromed leather: black or brown
  • Processes: Deburred and Lined
  • Standard belt buckles

It is also possible to upgrade your armor by choosing the Veteran option:


  • Simple Engraving and Fur
  • Unique Dracolite Belt Buckles


Sturdy and beautiful products with exceptional finish, perfect for your main character!


  • Vegetable leather with endless possibilities of color
  • Processes: Deburred, Lined, Dyed, Molded, Varnish
  • Simple engraving and interesting patina
  • Standard belt buckles

The use of vegetable tanned leather allows us to use much more complex manufacturing processes. This material allows us to mold our pieces in the desired shape, to dye them in the color of your choice and even to engrave them manually.


Great products with incomparable details for your unique character!


  • Vegetable leather with endless possibilities of color
  • Processes: Deburred, Lined, Dyed, Molded, Varnish
  • Complex Engraving, Embossing and Detailed Borders
  • Fur and specialized lining
  • Patina, Paint, Aging leather
  • Unique Dracolite Belt Buckles
  • Custom cast metal piece for you

We can make custom clothing and jewelry, banners for your guild or extraordinary reproductions of your favorite characters. Anything is possible, the only limit is your budget.